Obviously, we believe in the power of words — and especially the living WORD.

So, a portion of proceeds from sales goes to furthering the Kingdom through translating the Bible into unreached languages to every tribe, every nation — to the ends of the earth.

Wycliffe International: God's Word for every heart, in every language.

A man sitting outside holds the New Testament in Huaylla Wanca Quechua, a language spoken in Perú.
By partnering with local communities, linguists, and Bible scholars, Wycliffe brings the Bible to people in a way that resonates with their culture and traditions.

But why is this so important? The Bible is not just a book; it is a source of hope, guidance, and transformation. It has the power to change lives, heal broken hearts, and bring light into the darkest places. When people have access to the Bible in their own language, they can fully engage with its message and experience the life-changing power of God's Word.

Together, we can minister to lives of individuals and communities around the world. Break down language barriers and bring Jesus to those who haven't yet met Him.
Through our support, we are enabling people to grow in their faith, share the Gospel with others, and build strong, thriving communities anchored God's Word.

Together, we can make a difference and bring the light of God's Word to every corner of the globe.

You are a part of something truly transformative. Together, let's share the treasure of God's love to every language and every heart.