Christ in Song.

Christ in Song.

A collection of hymns with a singular focus on Christ alone.

"... be filled with the Spirit, addressing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody to the Lord with your heart ..."

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Christ, our treasure

  • 1 Focus

    Christ Jesus.

  • 207 Biographical Sketches

    Learn the testimonies and rich context of inspired authors.

  • 655 Scriptural references

    Quickly cross-reference related themes and topics.

  • 871 Hymns

    Handpicked for focus on Christ, and restored to author's original words.

  • 249 Topics

    Organized for quick and fast reference of key themes of Christ.

  • 417 Authors

    A rich and deep collection of Christian experience through the ages, across denominations, and united in devotion to our Lord Jesus.


When will you have an Android app?

Hopefully this year! Stay tuned.

Who are the editors?

Christian Chen, Dana Congdon, Ben & June Hiebert, John Ingalls, Wm. E. Mallon. Learn more.

What denomination is this for?

This collection was made for the body of Christ. As such, the heart and intent of this treasury is to transcend any denominational distinctions to highlight the unity of the believers under Christ's headship alone. Learn more.

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