Hello! We’re the publishers of Christ in Song. This hymnbook is a collection of 871 songs bringing together some of the best Christ-centered hymns.

Christ is the center of spiritual song as well as genuine faith. The sweetest Christian lyrics of all ages have revolved around His Person and work, in whom lies a boundless wealth of grace and mercy. Oh, how Christ leads and shines in the believers’ singing! These hymns of “Immanuel” are constantly sung in the Holy of holies of the human heart. Here, such singing in His presence dismisses all doubts, casts off unholy ambitions, brings tears of repentance, restores the joy of salvation, invokes love and hope, and turns eyes heavenward.  Here, dissensions among assemblies and theological schools are silenced, and hymnists from every age and sector of the Christian Church raise one voice to glorify one Lord and Savior. Here, Christ is the theme of all ages, tongues, and creeds; the divine harmony of all human and cosmic discords; and the summing up of all things in the heavens and things on the earth.

Compiling a hymnal is a challenge no one can appreciate until one actually begins the work. Without the generous coordination of the following dedicated helpers on the West Coast, this hymn book would have been impossible—Carol Chan, Susanna Chu, Ruth Ewoldt, Bruce Giddens, Sam Kumi, Tina Lin, Al Marier, and Phyllis Westrup. This Editorial Committee is especially indebted to them for their considerable quality of skills and sacrificial quantity of time.

This work grew out of a Christian Hymnology Seminar sharing 40 years of continuous research by Christian Chen and delivered in 12 two-hour lectures. We’ll be posting these up soon.

May the Lord Jesus Christ alone be glorified as this treasury of hymns is released to worshipping Christians everywhere.

By the Editorial Committee:

Christian Chen
Dana Congdon
Ben and June Hiebert
John Ingalls
Wm. E. Mallon